Receive Every Gift

Our children played in a Christmas piano recital. At the start, their teacher encouraged us to set aside the bustle of the holiday season and just enjoy the Christmas music.

I did. Receiving music in the moment is a joy. Christmas music has filled our home every year, but the past few days, the music fills me.

The moments this year when I’ve graciously received what is offered taught me to feel joy in the moment.

Receiving is a challenge.

Paul, the apostle, shared a teaching by Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (see Acts 20:35)

Truly, I would not argue with that divine message. However, precisely because I want to give—knowing I can lift others through giving—I have trouble receiving.

When you are a giver by nature, it is difficult to allow yourself to receive—receive help from others, receive a gift with gratitude or receive peace instead of worry.

This year we received much:

The gift to attend my brother’s wedding from family who made it possible.

Scholarship funds for Elena to go attend her college of choice.

A return visit from Paul’s mom after a faithful Mormon mission to Finland.

Time to travel to visit my parents for Thanksgiving and visit the new Kansas City Temple.

Each brought moments of stress, but when I allowed myself to relax and receive, each gift brought joy. What JOY in RECEIVING came to your life this year?

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