End of a Blog, Birth of an Author

Our Stories Always Continue Quote by Lauren Oliver

Welcome readers!

Thank you for your visits, comments, encouragement and readership at Illuminate Everyday. This publishing portal has broadened my writing and publishing abilities but also allowed me to develop important connections with individuals like you.

I started Illuminate Everyday in January 2008. Today will be my last post. I will always be a writer, but what and where I write has shifted to become longer and shorter format writing in books and on social media.

Illuminate Everyday started as a place of expression, but over the years that concept became my way of life.

I blogged as a way to understand my world and the world around me. I wrote in a way that illuminated, or brought light to, the circumstances, people and feelings I encountered.

This process helped me to process some difficult experiences that arose during this time, including a financial crisis and a cancer diagnosis.

Blogging changed me. Not only did I draw the light out of ordinary life situations, as I wrote, I found light within some of life’s hardest ones.

I hope that you find that light, too. It is real.

My writing archives at Illuminate Everyday are always open. Explore my past posts in these categories: Create, Nurture, Ponder, Believe.

Find all of my essays alphabetically in the Index or search by keywords.

My author publishing home will now be www.teresahirst.com. Please subscribe by email to receive important news, blog posts and the latest updates on book releases and promotions.

My shorter, more personal posts will come through social media, something that was still developing when I began blogging seven years ago.┬áThank you for the wonderful rapport we’ve enjoyed.┬áPlease follow me so we can stay connected:

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And now to continue our stories . . .

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