Twelve Moments of Joy

Today begins the twelfth month of 2012. I’m marking the first day of my Christmas countdown by sharing Twelve Moments of Joy from this year.

In January, I embarked on the first of twelve interviews with individuals struggling through the recession. This week I complete those interviews.

I’ve heard about heartache from financial loss, distress and disappointment.

But what I like best about these one-on-one chats is uncovering the joy beneath the hurt—their joy and mine when I realize it happens every time. Without fail.

Despite the circumstances, each found joy. And so have I.

1. Joy in Receiving
2. Joy in Family
3. Joy in Learning
4. Joy in Miracles
5. Joy in Prayer
6. Joy in the Unexpected
7. Joy in Work
8. Joy in Waiting
9. Joy in Friendship
10. Joy in Giving
11. Joy in Creation
12. Joy in Life 

Will you find JOY this Christmas?  Think of a positive memory of joy from each category and write it down. Then move on to the next. Try to complete Twelve Moments of Joy by December 25.

Share the Joy! Follow along with me. I’ll post my Twelve Moments of Joy here. I’m not sticking to any particular dates. Just sharing as they come. (Before Christmas, of course).

Leave a comment to share yours, too. And together, we’ll share the JOY of 2012 this Christmas season.


  1. joy in living
    Dec 3, 2012

    Every new Day is a joyful gift from The Lord

  2. David Jensen
    Dec 5, 2012

    “Despite the circumstances, each found joy. And so have I.”

    This brought tears to my eyes after more than 4 years of struggling

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