Characteristic American Commitment

Much has been said of late about patriotism in the news. As we celebrate our independence today, I reflect on these words that remind me that real strength is not just evidenced on days of prosperity where the grass is always green and the sunsets stunning.

. . . The year 1776 had been as dark a time as those devoted to the American cause has ever known—indeed, as dark a time as any in the history of the country. And suddenly, miraculously it seemed, that had changed because of a small band of determined men and their leader. . . The year 1776, celebrated as the birth year of the nation and for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was for those who carried the fight for independence forward a year of all-too-few victories, of sustained suffering, disease, hunger, desertion, cowardice, disillusionment, defeat, terrible discouragement, and fear, as they would never forget, but also of phenomenal courage and bedrock devotion to country, and that, too, they would never forget.

David McCullough, 1776

In our nation today, some feel like we are a nation falling apart as we face economic hardship, political struggle, cultural conflict and natural disasters. These could destroy our hope and optimism for the future or instead, through the darkness we can discover our own courage and grow to develop characteristic American commitment to our families, communities and our nation.


  1. Sarah (GM)
    Jul 4, 2008

    Love it. You always make me think! Great post.

  2. Loretta Jensen
    Jul 6, 2008

    I love how you always put into words the thoughts and feelings I just have and then let pass. Thanks.

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