Communing with My Dictionary

If I were a writer in a Levenger world, my dictionary would be shelved amongst a great library of literature. Or if I were a mother in a life-is-a-learning-laboratory world, my children would glide over to a dictionary stand obligingly to “look it up” with my encouragement.

Ideal vs. Real

While I may aspire to those ideal settings to nurture the thought process, I live in neither.

My reality is better.

Sparks of conversation, ideas, or inspiration hit me with a force that says “I’m it.” In this whirling beginning of the creative process, I turn the crumpled pages of my American Heritage sprawled between my children’s computer and mine.

In my dictionary I rediscover the meaning of common words. Words like . . .

comment: n. a statement of fact or opinion especially a remark that expresses personal reaction or attitude.

conversation: n. an informal exchange of thoughts, opinions and feelings.

communicate: v. to reveal clearly; to have an interchange, as of ideas; to be connected.

Alas, in this state of heightened sensitivity and receptivity (and considerable commotion), words connect places in my mind and converge to create new understanding.

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