Crediting Consistency

Be consistent. That’s the parenting advice I most often received as a new mom. From that perspective I envisioned that meant always giving the same discipline to correct a behavior.

Later, I found that in the confusion of the moment, that I reacted more than I acted. Consequently, I stressed that my parenting did not fulfill some all-important rule of being a good parent.

Now, my children are older and the pressure of hands-on parenting has eased. In this more relaxed state, I noted their progression at their annual piano recital. Consistency. The word slipped into my thoughts alongside my joy at watching my oldest daughter perform. The word came to comfort.

When I calculate the years of consistent lessons and add them to the consistent schedules for practice, I now see the advice to “be consistent” wholly different. Be consistent in listening to the good and the bad. Be consistent when they are not. Be consistent in what I can maintain. Be consistent in steady support.

More than good luck or good genes, I credit consistency.


  1. Rebecca
    May 23, 2008

    I love this! Can I include this in my blog or in a newsletter to my piano student’s parents?

  2. Helen
    May 25, 2008

    I really enjoyed this post and wondered if I can link to it from my monthly newsletter which is called Be Consistent – it completely depicts what I ‘consistently’ write about.

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