Storm Warning

My parents live in tornado-weary Missouri and have a weather radio that blares warnings repeatedly during the spring storm season. A few years ago they bought us one, although we have fewer in Minnesota. We set the radio to beep for watches and warnings rather than sound a verbal alarm.

This weekend, within hours of my husband heading out of the house, I was on my own with these storm clouds, an hour of consistent bleeps from the radio, a tornado warning, and three anxious kids.

Storms tempt us to watch their approach and fury. If my husband were home, he’d want to head to our crow’s nest—the highest point in our house.

But with mom in charge, who is cautious and always heeds warnings, we prepared the essentials—weather radio, cell phone, flashlights, sturdy shoes, blankets, books, and cookies. The neighborhood tornado sirens sounded and we settled into our basement storage room for a family outing. The first thing my youngest asked was, “Can we say a prayer together.”

After 45 minutes of reading a children’s magazine, talking about safety precautions and occasionally checking the radio for updates of the storm’s path, she assured me that the “prayer worked.”

We emerged to find the storm had blown over without blowing too hard. One of them asked the question, “Did we need to go downstairs after all?”

I said, “Of course. It was good practice if nothing else.”


  1. Julie
    Jun 2, 2008

    Scary! It’s hard for me to imagine facing a tornado, especially for those who have to face them on a regular basis! I am originally from California so earthquakes are more the norm for me. 🙂

    I just wanted to let you know that I meme tagged you over on my blog! This is a first for me but it seemed kinda cool.

  2. Ryan
    Jun 2, 2008

    I lived in Kansas for 4 months, and I was actually kind of excited for the rain and thunder and tornado season to start. Having grown up in the northwest, whether was pretty mild with the occasional ice storm or gust wind, but never tornadoes and such. Just when it started getting good, we moved. It was a sad day.

    These things are scary. I think it’s great how your kids handle it. They seemed so unafraid. That’s kids for you. I wish I were like that.

  3. Ryan
    Jun 2, 2008

    Man, that whether and weather … always messing me up!

  4. Rachel Corbett
    Jun 3, 2008

    We had a tornado warning the other day too. I thought it was wierd because I sat there watching it’s path on my TV in real time. I kept wondering “at what poin do I wake the kids up and campout in the hallway (I guess).” I waited and before any fury came the weatherman said it was past us, so that was it!

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