The Difficulty of Connection

Guest Post: by ph

In the past, I’ve used our VCR (and now DVR) to record shows I’d like to watch, but don’t have time to watch, yet. Sometimes, knowing it’s recorded is as good as actually having watched it.

It seems, in spite of our technology, we’re no better connected than those of 100 years ago who relied on the mail service. In some ways, I think we’re worse off. We have the ability to connect at any time in any place in seeming unlimited ways. But, it’s like the DVR . . . because we can we substitute our ability for the action.

I’m certainly as guilty as any one else. The past three weeks have been insanely busy with work, then throw in church, kids, sick and all of the other normalities of life.

Still, I think it’s worth the time to connect in some way. A little tid bit of life. A funny thing your kid said like:

“Do you want me to put this tarp over the meat?”

-my 8-year-old daughter,
referring to aluminum foil

It doesn’t need to be much. It doesn’t need to take all our time. It doesn’t even need to be every day.

We can stay connected, despite the thought that we are because we can even if we don’t.

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