When it Feels Too Much Like Work

Enthusiasm inspires me to start many things. The trick is being able to maintain that energy beyond the initial excitement and not get sidetracked by obstacles.

Work is that way, especially work with my kids.

Lei at My Many Colored Days inspired me to see how teamwork can develop with work projects. Sharing, friendship, unity—these are what I want to teach. I can do that, I thought.

This boss needs that kind of encouragement, especially in August.

I had already asked the children to wash the cars that morning. No work project for kids is more fun than that, right? Well, it is if I can stay strong supervising and ignore the accompanying grumbles when I call them back to redo.

My mom told me this summer that all of her seven children responded negatively to work, but when they left home, each returned and thanked her for teaching them to do it right. Surely I can persevere knowing that can be the end result, even if it isn’t always rainbows.


  1. Ryan
    Aug 2, 2008

    I just wanted to comment on the picture–it’s really cool. Did you take it yourself? It makes me just want to keep looking at it, as if there is more that I’m missing. I like it.

  2. TJ
    Aug 2, 2008

    Yes, I took it. Thanks.

  3. Lei
    Aug 9, 2008

    Oh, it’s nice to hear that although their attitudes may ebb and flow the lessons learned will stay with them!

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