Wisdom’s Writing on the Wall

My younger sister wrote on My Wall, “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you are on Facebook. You’re officially not old.”

Apparently, I was old when I thought “writing on my wall” meant a mess I would have to clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

My Facebook Wall

Innovations feel youthful because they are new and fresh and full of possibilities.

In the next twenty years, my husband would love to be “driving” his Moller Skycar, but most likely our destination will be to visit grandchildren. Would that still classify us as “not old”?

Technology brings the unexpected and is therefore, unpredictable. Only in our Jetson-like imaginations can we envision what the next twenty years will bring. One fact that will be known, and it will be official, is that we will grow old. Or at least twenty years older. The writing is on the wall.

That fact sometimes makes us run away from reality back to a culture of youth, eager to embrace a life filled with new trends and fresh ideas. And to some extent, popular culture, of which new technology is a key part, does make us feel younger.

(Remember, I am the one who became young again when I signed up on Facebook? I wonder how young I became when I learned to text from a 14-year-old?)

In the next twenty years we all, nonetheless, will move forward in age as we move forward in time.

While the enthusiasm and energy of youth stirs creativity, the experience and maturing of middle age confirms wisdom. Wisdom gathers what is lasting from the newness in ideas and trends, mixes it with accumulated experience and solidifies the knowledge of what is true and right.

The last twenty years has taught me that wisdom is worth the cost of moving forward through the next twenty years.

Should I cut and paste that to my sister’s wall?

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  1. Michelle at Scribbit
    Mar 10, 2008

    I’ve got my Facebook page too but I’m afraid I don’t do much with it–with the blog who has time for Facebook too? 🙂

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