A Week of Eating Like Adults

Years of cooking for kids has worn down my desire to cook new things.  I used to search for new recipes, learn from them and then create my own. But my cooking creativity went out the door with the complaints. More often, lately, I’ve found myself looking for practical and palatable things to make—like tacos, tacos, and more tacos so that no one will sulk around the table. I can’t just blame my kids. I’ll blame middle age, lack of time or money, or too many other creative endeavors.

This admission saddens me because I love to plan, prepare, cook, bake and serve what my husband calls “restaurant quality food” at home. I do care what we eat. Sometimes I’ve cared too much and went over the top or cared just because I want to impress someone.  Then I moved to the opposite extreme of caring too little. Somewhere in the middle I want to find the right level of time, money, energy and care to give daily meal preparation.

My catalyst for change came with a week of adult-only meals while Paul and I vacationed at home and our children stayed with their grandparents. He marked a selection of recipes in bon appétit. I added to the menu.


Spicy Lime-Ginger Grilled Shrimp
grilled red and yellow peppers, pineapple and mushrooms
Colombian Guacamole


Spicy Chicken Peperonata with Lime and Mint Dressing
on top of sliced and toasted baguettes


homemade muesli with fresh blueberries and yogurt

Ginger and Honey-Glazed Baby-Back Ribs
Black bean and rice salad and grilled pineapple

Reine de Saba with fresh-picked raspberries, blackberries and whipped cream


Skirt Steak and Horseradish Potato Salad


Red Pepper, mushroom and steak quesadillas with sour cream, cilantro and fresh lime


Sauteed Chicken with Fresh Garden Pesto over Bow Tie Pasta


Breakfast: Banana Chocolate Chip Cherry Muffins
(I’ll post the recipe next week)

Dinner: picked the kids up at the airport and headed to Taco Bell

Ironically, before they left on their trip, my kids shopped with me for groceries for these menus. My son mooned over the ribs and all the other “good stuff” I was buying to eat while they were gone. So, when they returned, I thought maybe they were prepared for a change, too, but they turned down an offer of sauteed and seasoned summer squash from my lunch plate yesterday.

How did you know I was sitting right here in front of the computer while they play? Thanks for having them over! Isn’t summer meant for days like this when we can allow them to “just play”?

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  1. Jill Shelley
    Jul 25, 2009

    What a great post. I always enjoy seeing what people eat.

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