Dessert for Breakfast

I confess. We ate cheesecake for breakfast on the first day of school. Junior Mint cheesecake.

My daughter started high school today and booed me out of the kitchen when I said it was oatmeal day. So, I caved and let my family finish off the cheesecake from Sunday. We ate half of it that night even though we didn’t wait the required 12-hour chill time.

Cheesecake for breakfast tasted yummy, filled with dairy goodness. Besides, it had less sugar than my blueberry muffin recipe.

But, admittedly, dessert for breakfast leads to problems.

Kirsten filled out the freshman survey and truthfully answered what she ate for breakfast. But, she did write a disclaimer in parenthesis. (I’m surprised I haven’t received a recorded message from the school inviting me to take a nutrition-for-parents class.)

My husband identified the real problem, “The problem,” he said, “with eating leftover cheesecake for breakfast is you don’t have cheesecake for after dinner.”

But the long-term problem haunted me all day. Really, unless I start fixing dessert for breakfast every day, how will I ever have enough time to try all those irresistible desserts on Pinterest?

Have you ever wondered about this one super-secret statistic, too?

What percentage of images on Pinterest are food? And what percentage of those images are sweets?

I love treats. I love to bake. And I love to eat. But I named my Pinterest board for desserts In Moderation. And I really do want to keep it that way.

As you can see, the peer pressure is getting to me. It’s a good thing I have a check-up at the doctor soon. Anyone for something chocolate first?

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