Frozen in Time

The frozen forest outside my bedroom window on the first day of the new year looks the same today. Ice covered with snow which cannot melt tends to freeze time.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete my tenth Minnesota winter because tomorrow’s wind chills are predicted to be 25 to 40 degrees below. Below what? If you have to ask, don’t.

So, if I don’t make it, let this be known. For the record, it’s beautiful, but it’s too cold to live here.


  1. Camille
    Jan 7, 2011

    You must be required to have incredible strength to live in Minnesota! How do you make it? And if you don’t, are you just planning to take off or check out? If you aren’t snowed in, come visit me! 🙂

  2. David
    Jan 7, 2011

    I have found that the longer the time that has elapsed since I have lived in MN, the colder it feels when I go back!

  3. emalee
    Jan 7, 2011

    Agreed! Don’t think I can handle another one! We are heading out though at the end of January to Idaho. Terry got a job there. Do NOT freeze!!!! 🙂

  4. Rebecca
    Jan 21, 2011

    Whoa, I thought it was bad here.

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