Guess When Our Snow Will Melt

It’s March, and I’m dressed in a slim black turtleneck sweater. Despite my clothes and the snow on the ground. I’m ready for spring. I probably still have a long wait.

When we moved to Minnesota at the end of March 2000, we thankfully didn’t have any snow on the ground—only a few flurries in the air. But in other years we have had snow for Easter and our anniversary at the end of April.

This year, we moved 100 miles south in the brutal cold of a January winter, but we’ve still had more than our share of winter white.  Will it melt quicker here?

After a foot of snow this week, we can just see the top of our trash can peeking over the snow bank. I’ve registered my prediction to the complaint committee for when we’ll see the grass in our front yard.  What is your guess?




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  1. Cheri
    Mar 8, 2013

    When we moved to the cities on March 19th, 2010, there was no snow on the ground and we had zero snow for the rest of the season. The next year, the snow was completely gone by the 25th, though it continued to snow until Mother’s Day. Then we moved 80 miles northwest and had no snow by Easter the next year. Since Easter is in March this year, I’m registering my prediction that the snow will be melted from our yards and we will have green all around by Easter, but we will continue to have snowfall thru April. Wouldn’t it be great if that last part weren’t true?

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