My Departure

My husband and I share emotion when we share films. I should know that. The emotion we felt after we watched Cinema Paradiso prompted the life-changing conversation that led to our marriage.

Still, in nineteen years of marriage, I struggle to bring that emotion to the forefront in a way that we can communicate about what’s important to us. I analyze my conversations and his. I read self-help books on communication in marriage. We talk about communicating.

I departed from this usual pattern on a rare mid-week evening at home without our kids. I could have raced over the household stresses, searching for solutions and hoping to connect with him.

Instead, we watched the movie Departures.

The fragility of life, the tenderness of mourning, and the surety of eternal life surrounded the few words that we spoke. It wasn’t sentimentality as much as a connection about reality.

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  1. Liz
    Jun 16, 2010

    I will be watching this movie with my husband-this is right up our alley. Cinema Paradiso is one of my all time favorite movies too. I watched it in Italy when I was 19 and fell in love. I love the “reality” moments that bring my husband and I together. We don’t have those butterflies feelings anymore but what we have now is more like a big bear hug and I like that better.

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