Still Me, But In A New Dress

You know you’ve become a fashion “don’t” worthy of What Not To Wear when your husband points out the white socks your wore with those black Mary Janes.

“I only wore them to pick up Kirsten,” I defended. Except I was still wearing them, two hours later. “Besides, I don’t have any other shoes.”

You know how it happens. You build up a wardrobe of cute clothes when you’re kids are small (and they still let you choose their clothes), by shopping the sale racks regularly.

But then, they grow up, into a whole new teen growth spurt. (It’s called “growing out of” clothes that are no longer stylish). Their clothes and other household expenses whittle down any available cash. You stop shopping, just like that.

You think, I know I need some new shoes, and pants to go with them, but I’ve made do for years. Why not just wait a few more months, until we’ve paid to replace the leaking hot water heater?

This is how I came to feel forty and frumpy. Not only in my clothes but even here on my blog.

Add to that a move to a new place where people can actually shop nearby, and you can see why I am self-conscious about my senes of style. (BTW, the “My Style”  board on Pinterest is still my only one without any pins.)

So, last night, my loving, thoughtful husband Paul bought me a new dress.

Except it really is more like a new theme for this website. And he didn’t really buy it, he installed it.

He sensed how out of date I felt and promised it would only be 15 minutes. And just look! I’m updated and excited and ready to go out and be myself again.

“There’s some good stuff here,” I said after I refreshed my pages and browsed my past posts.

“It’s still you with a new dress,” Paul said.

Of course it is! Now I just need some new shoes to go with it.





  1. Anna
    Feb 27, 2013

    Haha! I still love my white socks and black Mary Janes too! Come for a visit and we’ll go shopping.
    (Nice job on the site too.)

  2. Camille
    Mar 1, 2013

    Love it! It’s a nice look!

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