Tubing on the Farm

We spent the Fourth at our family reunion on my parent’s farm.
It’s a place where we take our work clothes and plan to get dirty,
but we’ve adapted a few lake resort luxuries to fit the practicality of farm life.

Like the spa facials with Missouri mud the cousins gave each other.

And the farm-style tubing that we devised for the pond—
attach a rope and a tube to the back of a four wheel ATV
and drive around the perimeter on the shore.

Ingenious, make-it-work fun.


  1. KH
    Jul 8, 2010

    That’s great mom! You really know how to write a good blog. And I’m not just saying that, it’s 100% percent true.You can take a small event, and practically change it into poetry! Congratulations!

    ~ KH

  2. Tina
    Jul 8, 2010

    can we come next year? too fun!

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