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I delight in watching children discover life. They react over and over again to their new circumstances, many of which seem trite and ordinary to us.

When my first baby discovered her reflection in a full-length mirror she was meeting a new playmate, a little person with a big grin who was just her size. After several such playdates, I sat beside her and showed us together in the mirror. Then she understood that she was the new friend.

It was even more fascinating when she discovered dreams just before age three. She said, “Momma, I had stories in my head while I was asleep. I was in the story and there were cars, too.”

Children thrive on such everyday experiences that we adults just gloss over as commonplace. Yet, uncommon observations of common circumstances create stories!

This post at Just an Orange sparked my thought process about stories. Allysha said, “Telling stories is essential. It is a way to transmit truths. It is a way to understand ourselves and others.”

Observing everyday experiences and everyday people with child-like perspective and questions will uncover those truths and understanding. The story is a way to tell it.

We often say, “Everybody has a story.” But sadly, we often just look to only “newsworthy” people or outrageous stories and miss the truth waiting to be revealed in seemingly ordinary people. I am inspired by an example of this and other efforts to capture these stories.

The goal of Everyday Biography, which appears on this website on Wednesday, is to discover truths and understanding from the circumstances and lives of everyday people and to share their stories in writing.

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  1. Rachel Corbett
    Mar 20, 2008

    So true. I’m amazed every day at how new things are to my kids, how differently they see things. I think that is one of the biggest blessings of being able to stay home with them. They really remind me to see the small joys in life and newness in little things.

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