Dinosaur Days

I built a Lego dinosaur and fought in a Star Wars lightsaber duel while my children were at school. I sorted through mounds of Lego’s searching for flat red pieces for the feet and slanted red pieces for the tail.

After school nh saw the Lego buckets out and said, “Who was here today?”

My friend’s 4-year-old son came to play at my house so that his mom could do some things on her own. His curiosity encouraged me to still play with my own children, even though I think they have outgrown it. And I’m going to be more tolerant when nh spreads his Legos on the carpet. That’s what it takes to find just the right piece.


  1. TJ
    Apr 30, 2008

    Maybe that is really a dragon . . .not a dinosaur.

  2. julie wright
    Apr 30, 2008

    i can’t tell you how charming I think it is that you built legos today. I love legos!

  3. Alison
    May 1, 2008

    And in a completely weird psychic connection to you today, I ALSO played with Zac’s Lego’s when he was at school today, but I built a giraffe. That’s sort-of strange…

  4. js
    May 1, 2008

    I made the elephant in that picture! I liked building with you. Oh ya, ya, ya. I will print out the picture. Thank you for building with me.

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