Sprouting Seeds, Nurturing Plants

At this point in my life I am a trial and error gardener. I plant perennials, fruits and vegetables, annual flowers, shrubs, trees, and children.

We live in a smallish community in a Zone 3. That means two things to me: First of all, our planting starts about a month and a half later than most of the country. Secondly, the few retailers who carry vegetable transplants have only minimal varieties.

Last year the limited selection frustrated me enough that I determined I would start my own seeds to transplant into my garden.

By last week I still hadn’t done it. Time was still on my side since our last frost could be as late as Memorial Day. Fortunately, a few friends and I met at my house to share garden ideas and that jump started my follow through.

I planted my seeds and set them out in the sunny window. I watered them and waited with a whole lot of apprehension.

Then, I saw sprouts. A weird noise of glee come from me.

With faith that summer light and warmth will indeed return, I uncovered the winter mulch from my perennials and discovered the hosta also sprouting.

Admittedly, I doubt—as a gardener of both plants and people. My husband was relating that he asked one of our children to pick up up clothing several times and still a jacket remained on the floor. He wondered if it will always be like this. I laughed a bit. I said, “Just keep repeating it. There is hope; eventually they will learn.”

I have discovered it is easier to keep nurturing when I connect with people who have already experienced the stages of growth, in plants and children. I share my own struggle to move to the teenage season of parenting at the Letters to A Parent website this week.

What have you learned from nurturing children? Liz at Woolgatherings is launching a new website called Root and Sprout and is looking for articles on parenting.

Root and Sprout is a place for moms and dads to come for practical information, stories, and advice about being a parent and raising kids. Root and Sprout is a website for parents written by parents (or people who have experience working with children). If you can write a blog post, you can write an article for Root and Sprout! (Don’t forget that you get a byline and link to your blog or website). If you are interested, you can learn more here.

Finally, a big thank you to Scribbit for the post Starting Seeds Indoors. As a novice I thought the sunny window would be enough. But with her tips on getting a grow light and my desire to use what I have, I dug out our aquarium light and plugged it in. I hope this will be another success for my trial and error garden.


  1. Lis Garrett
    Apr 26, 2008

    This is one of my most favorite times of year ~ uncovering perrenials in the garden and starting seeds indoors. Our last frost isn’t until May 15th, but I usually wait until Memorial Day weekend to transplant, too – can’t be too careful with those babies you’ve nurtured for weeks! (good luck with your garden!)

    I appreciate you posting about Root and Sprout. Thank you!

    Lis (with an ‘s’)

  2. Michelle at Scribbit
    Apr 26, 2008

    You should probably move the light much closer to the plants (at least I’d recommend it). I’d use it as a supplement to regular sunlight and not as a replacement or you’ll have the same problem–not enough power. If you’re worried about the aquarium lights working too you could always easily buy the plant grow bulbs and use it in the light rather than the purple thingies. Thanks so much for mentioning my post, I hope you have great plant growing success!

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