Walking on Water

Close to Thanksgiving in north central Minnesota the lakes begin to freeze over, along the edges first. If there isn’t snow sticking to it, we’ll have a clear view of the plants and leaves forming in the ice under the top layer. Our neighbor always calls us over at this point and we all cautiously walk only along the first few feet near the shore. This year it happened last Friday. I wanted to go but I only had an hour with Paul to order Christmas cards. I hesitated to send my children down to the lake alone. They came back and told me they not only walked on the water but they walked all the way to the island in the center of the lake! Apparently, my neighbor was there to  test the safety of the “waters” first. They have much more faith then I did when I walked on water the first time. EH took these pictures to prove that they had adult supervision on their journey and to show off her photography skills of the hockey players who came out to set up their winter rink.


  1. Rebecca
    Dec 5, 2008

    *Sigh* I love pictures of your area of the country. So beautiful.

  2. Michelle at Scribbit
    Dec 5, 2008

    Those are so beautiful–great pictures!

  3. An Ordinary Mom
    Dec 6, 2008

    Having grown up in Southern California in the bustling life of Los Angeles, I never got to experience such wonders as lakes freezing over. What beautiful pictures and what a neat memory to have!

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