Better Than Twilight

you've got mail posterNothing marked our calendar on Saturday night because Sunday would be a six-event day. After a family game of Pit everyone dispersed to their own corners of the house. I found my way back to the couch beside my teenage daughter, who was reading what looked like a Twlight-esque-teen-adventure-with-a-little-bit-of-teen-angst-romance novel.

Remote in hand, I settled down to watch something inspiring but discovered one of those now-classic Meg Ryan romantic comedies had just started. I turned to my daughter, “You want a fun romance? Watch this with me.”

I prodded her until she put her book down and curled up with me on the couch to see You’ve Got Mail. I’m not embarrassed to admit that the new-love chemistry of this movie on a do-nothing evening will pull me in for at least the 10th time, especially when I’m showing it to my daughter for the first time. No more than ten minutes passed before my youngest daughter flopped on the floor in front of us.

My son popped in near the end of the show and caught the tender moment when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet in Riverside Park and, of course, kiss. He brought his stereotypical 12-year-old boy reaction with him, “Arrgh, Yuck, Ugh,” mixed with thrashing about trying to cover his eyes and ears form the sights and sounds which to us were the final “Ahhhh” scene.

With the background music of Somewhere Over the Rainbow playing on, his older sister said, “Better than Twilight.” And his younger sister chastised him for hiding from it. She told him, “You’re probably going to have to kiss a girl some day.”


  1. Julie
    May 20, 2009

    I love this! It does make me wish I had a girl. I won’t get those fun moments of watching a (as most people call them) chick flick! I will have more of those moments of “YUCK” with my boys. I loved your daughter telling her brother how it is. Wonder what he though about that. Thanks for sharing, what a great family moment.

  2. Laila
    May 20, 2009

    That movie is one of my favorites too. I’ll have to see if Isabella and Nina will watch it with me. I’m curious to see if Isabella thinks it’s better than Twilight!

  3. Donnetta
    May 21, 2009

    And it will probably be like torture… him having to kiss a girl and all.

    Won’t it be fun to remind our kids of these moments someday… like on their wedding day or something? 🙂

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