Garlic Roasting In An Open Oven . . .

roasted garlic

It was eggplant and garlic roasting in an open oven, actually, but the words didn’t fit to “chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” as well. The oven was open for me to stir the garlic in foaming butter and the eggplant in the balsamic vinegar marinade, but the combination of smells tempted me to stand at the door inhaling until it was time to eat.

roasted eggplant

Smells bring back memories, and smells create them.  And even though I’ve never roasted either garlic or eggplant, it did both.

My first memories of eggplant come from a fuzzy picture in my mind of my brothers and sisters gathered around the kitchen table of our childhood gagging down the eggplant that my mother had cooked for us. I remembered it to be something akin to the Barf-o-Rama scene from Stand By Me, but in fairness to my mother, I’m sure it wasn’t anything like that.

As a teenager a friend offered me pasta salad with eggplant squash. When I hesitated, he assured me it probably was not the same food I associated with the first experience. For a few years, I actually convinced myself they were two different foods.

Now I know they are the same and actually enjoy eggplant. I even cook it on occasion to torture my children with eggplant memories of their own and redeem myself for torturing my mother with complaints.

Since we’ve been economizing, I haven’t cooked anything that excited me as much as this recipe for Roasted Eggplant and Garlic with Pasta.

roasted eggplant and garlic with pasta

When I saw, smell and tasted this whole package together I knew I’ve been deprived. Unfortunately, my children didn’t think  the same thing. EH said, “I’ll have a banana,” and NH washed every bite of eggplant down with a swig of milk. Oh, well, someday maybe they’ll appreciate it.


  1. Rachel
    Oct 15, 2009

    I guess Mom got the hint b/c I don’t ever remember having eggplant at home. I had it in the Dominican Republic and thought it was some mystery foreign vegetable (as I didn’t know the English word for it). Once I found out that it was readily available at domestic grocery stores I have been a big fan- can’t beat eggplant parm! I’ll have to try that recipe, sounds yummy!

  2. Mark Persons
    Oct 15, 2009


    Sorry to hear about, “gagging down the eggplant.” As you found out, the recipe is everything. Glad you tried garlic again eventhough I am not that fond of it either. Variety IS the spice of life. Dinner looked great in the photos.

  3. Camille
    Oct 16, 2009

    And I still haven’t figured out how to cook so that it tastes good. I still have the memories of gagging down come back when I try to make it. Maybe I need to try your recipe!

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