Reminders of His Love



One Sunday,Valentine’s Day, Paul left before dawn to travel to a Church assignment. We weren’t much for Valentine’s Day, not wanting some retailer to designate a holiday for our love. But this day Paul must have known how I needed even a superficial reminder of his love. I opened my scriptures and found a homemade valentine from him, a simple remembrance on this day of worship in which I wouldn’t even see him until late in the evening. That day I realized how little I needed in the form of material things from my husband to feel his love and the love of my Heavenly Father. Truly, flowers and expensive dinners cannot buy that feeling. It comes from pulling together in the midst of our trials, knowing we are making headway on them together.

An excerpt from Twelve Stones to Remember Him.

I’m guest posting at Literary Time Out today on the topic of remembering divine love. Join me there.

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