Which women have influenced your life?

Kirsten Marie Sorensen Jensen

I never met my great-grandmother Kirsten Marie Sorensen Jensen, but when I was a new mom, I came to know her heart through her writing. Reading her journals and biography were like a connection to a peer. I read how she managed her own daily load and felt encouraged in mine. I admired her honesty and tenacity, her humility and her creativity. I’m amazed at the influence the link she left has had on me, but her influence has been real, so much that my daughter Kirsten is named after her.

Have you noticed a pattern in the Facebook posts this week from women leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Several of them are posting photos of women they admire and sharing stories of encouragement.

Let’s follow their lead! Let’s undo the social and cultural pattern to polarize women from each other and share how we grow and influence each other.

We do need each other!

Which women have influenced your life? Who inspires you? What stories of faithful women inspire and encourage you?

Leave a comment or share your own photo on social media of a woman who’s influenced you.



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