How Much Longer Will It Keep on Ticking?

My Timex keeps on ticking on my wrist

I’m behind the times! I asked on Twitter and Facebook this week if wearing a watch is going out of style. I still wear a watch—and not for fashion’s sake. Apparently, I’m the last one to know that I’m supposed to carry my cell phone around to know what time it is.

When I’ve asked the teenagers in my religion class several times for someone with the correct time, no one could say.  (They aren’t supposed to bring out their cell phones.) This tells me the next generation never even adopted the habit.

I consider my grandparent’s lives and the changes in technology they’ve lived through, and I wonder if they always felt they were straddling two different eras. I’m not necessarily nostalgic for the one that’s going away, just wondering if I will be left on the other side.

That’s highly likely.

I called Paul at the end of the workday to remind him of our daughter’s school concert that night.  He said, “My phone just beeped at me to tell me that.”

What about you? What switch-overs have you made as we move into an even newer digital age? What have you  clung to?


  1. Ryan
    Feb 13, 2009

    Remember the old, embrace the new. I still wear a watch on occasion… but if I don’t have one on I don’t know what time it is. And I don’t have a cell phone to remind me. I like that, actually. Maybe that says something of our changing culture, that we shy away from, or are scared of, the restraints of time. I know I’m in denial about time constantly.

    One switch-over I’ve noticed in my scant 25 years of existence, and in the transition from high school/college to married “real” life is how I interact with people. High school and college required a lot more in-person interaction. Friends were a lot more important, or so I gathered. Being naturally introverted, I embraced the online “friendship handicap.” I call it that because interacting online helps you better present yourself in many ways, and I’m able to interact with people I would never approach offline. Digital friends for a digital age, I guess.

  2. Donnetta
    Feb 13, 2009

    I still wear a watch and even want one with the ability to monitor seconds, but then that’s probably just the nurse in me. 🙂

    Funny you bring this up as I just heard a comment on the radio today of someone no longer having a stopwatch because they just use their phone.

  3. Sarah (GenMom)
    Feb 14, 2009

    that’s so funny. I never wear a watch anymore and use my phone now. I didn’t realize it was the THING to do but I got tired of changing watch batteries and my phone already has the time. A far as old technology, our house is pretty up to date except my husband’s old OBNOXIOUS alarm clock but at least it does the trick. It is sooo loud.

    Hope you are having an awesome Valentine’s day. I am a handyguy widow tonight. My husband is at his parents’ house working on their new kitchen. I felt sorry for my mother-in-law who is working around the gutted kitchen so I told my husband to come home whenever the project of the day was done. Thought it would be before now! Oh well. Good time to get caught up on blog reading!

    Hope you are well.

  4. An Ordinary Mom
    Feb 16, 2009

    How funny, I must be really old fashioned at the ripe old age of 33. I love and adore my watch, my wrist feels naked without it … even though I do have a cell phone 🙂 !! So much more convenient to glance down at my wrist as opposed to digging out a phone!

  5. superpaige
    Feb 18, 2009

    Watches are SO cute. I’ll never give it up. And my phone is buried in my purse somewhere. How convenient would that be?

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