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feedback: n. 2. The return of information about the result of a process or activity; an evaluative response.

My husband surprised me with this website for Christmas. (Well, it’s a hobby isn’t it?) I’ve been writing, and he’s been helping me as his gift ever since. It’s a team effort, even though he is mostly in the background.

I am big on feedback. I know from Google Analytics that you are out there reading, but comments are kind of slim so I’m not sure what you think.

May I ask?

Will you take a look around? Check out my pages, my favorite posts, and other post categories you might like. Then, answer the poll and/or leave a comment with your opinion on Finding What Inspires.

What do you like about my site?

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  1. allysha
    Mar 14, 2008

    Ah, yes. The Comments! I personally usually have to read someone for awhile before I comment~ why that is, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a way to observe and get to know someone before jumping in!

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