Your Opinion: Taking Photographs in Public

I left a friend’s home renewed by our conversation, the sunshine, the crisp temperature and the stunning leaves in her neighborhood. She lives near my daughter’s school with streets partitioned into blocks, homes closer to the curb, and sidewalks lined with 50-year-old maples and oaks. I said, “I’m going to stop and take a picture at every beautiful tree or leaf that I see.”

I stopped at the first tree, a brilliant orange fire. But it was in someone’s yard, behind a fence, and I didn’t want to seem nosy. I stopped at the second tree, a muted red with green tucked underneath, waiting for its turn. I got out to take a picture, but I didn’t move into the best position because I would be standing in the middle of the street and cars were coming. I stopped at  the third tree with the full flame of red, dropping its leaves beneath it. I was at the stop sign, so I just opened my passenger side window to get the shot.

Most of the beautiful pictures stayed in my mind and never made it into my camera. I felt conspicuous and hesitated to take the pictures in public.

Close to home, I turned down a quiet road with few houses. Along that lane where I often walk in the morning, I felt the freedom to capture what I saw. I parked at an angle and waded into the knee-high grass, in a skirt of all things, and enjoyed the colors through my camera.

Behind me, the gravel stirred across the street. I expected to turn and find some beautiful wildlife beside me. No, an older woman walked toward her mailbox and didn’t take her eyes off me until I moved back toward my car. I dumbly repeated my line, “I was just on my way home and I was going to stop at every pretty tree or leaf and take a picture.”

Her expression, which was more than curious, made me feel like I’d been caught, and she said, “And where do you live?”

Do you feel conspicuous taking photographs in public?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, and I love the pictures you did get.

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