A Christmas Miracle Came Early

Miracles are manifestations of divine or spiritual power. Miracles bring joy.  And, miracles, large and small, are flowing our direction this week.

Paul started a new job after more than ten years of working for himself. Every Christmas during the recession, Paul wrote me a note with his gift to me. It would say something like, your real gift is on hold, back ordered or long overdue. This year, our Christmas miracle came early.

To have this career question answered lifts anxiety and worry day by day from us both, leaving my heart more open to feel an increase of peace and joy of not only this season but of life around me.

I’ve found in our years of need that quite often miracles come from individuals helping each other. I challenge you to look for one miracle this week and be a miracle in the life of someone else this season.

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  1. David Jensen
    Dec 12, 2012

    I think I found my miracle, many many years ago in Texas wrapped in a little pink blanket.

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