A Holiday That’s Worth The Work

Just about now you’re thinking this holiday demands a whole lot of work. Baking treats, wrapping gifts, opening Christmas cards, welcoming visitors. Oh, wait. That’s not work. Those moments exist to connect, to celebrate, to feel the joy of the holiday.

I felt some of both today—the work and the joy.

And, when I feel tired, overwhelmed and too little joy in my Christmas “work,” I back off the baking (one batch of cookies instead of two), save the rest of the wrapping for a free morning, and focus on the relationships.

I find moments of joy in any work I do when I focus on the person to person relationships associated with that work.

My full-time 8-5 work came to a close in June of this year so I could develop and apply my skills to freelance writing. When I write, I connect with the person I’ve interviewed and his or her story. I connect with my reader as I visualize or imagine his or her response. I even connect with the words and language itself.

These moments of joy have multiplied through the second half of this year as I pursued writing in a flexible environment that allows me to give more time to my most important work—nurturing my family.

Building solid, nurturing relationships can happen regardless of whether a man or woman works outside the home. But for me, at this stage and season of our family life, I figuratively had too many batches of cookies to bake and not enough time to sit down and enjoy them with other people—literally, too many requirements and too little joy in any work.

It’s a blessing to be able to do be a work-at-home mom, now, but it was a choice that didn’t come without financial consequences. Now, in our house this season and at the end of this year, we’ve found joy in our work.

Happy wrapping to you. And, remember the joy the unwrapping will bring.

Merry baking in the days ahead. Enjoy the aromas created not only in the air but in their memories.

And joyful visiting with those you love.

It’s all worth the work.


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