Can There Be Joy in Waiting?

How long can you wait?

You might ask me in response . . . Wait for what?  Is it a need or a want?  Is it an emergency or something that causes pain?

Honestly, I can’t wait very long for much. Just tell me I have to wait, and I’m already antsy for the conclusion.

I admire people for whom patience is a virtue.

For me, though, waiting is not even tolerable; it’s torture.

If this year were a waiting room, my moments of waiting would be backed up down the hall.

So, why would I list JOY IN WAITING as one of my Twelve Moments of Joy?

Did you know that over a span of several years of waiting on the Lord—and trusting that he means what he says—your patience will grow?

Now, I can wait longer than I did five years ago or even five months ago. The emotional response to waiting tempers in time. And that change is more satisfying than a lollipop handed out from a bowl after a long appointment.

So, in this way, waiting brings joy and a conclusion that tastes much sweeter.

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