Creating Joy

The beauty outdoors filled my perspective of God’s creations in the days leading to Christmas. Each view brought me joy and happiness.

Years ago, a wonderful leader in our church shared “a path to peace, hope, and joy—even during times of trial and distress.”

“Creating and being compassionate are two objectives that contribute to our Heavenly Father’s perfect happiness. Creating and being compassionate are two activities that we as His spirit children can and should emulate. . . .

Creation brings deep satisfaction and fulfillment. We develop ourselves and others when we take unorganized matter into our hands and mold it into something of beauty.”    Happiness, Your Heritage

Even as we prepare to move next month from the home we’ve created in the beautiful landscape of north central Minnesota, I trust that the Spirit we’ve created in our family with time, energy and love will transcend the physical structure of our home.

May you experience the joy of creating cherished moments this Christmas.

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