Friendship by the Yard

A little elf brought me a roll of wrapping paper just 24 hours after I used up another. The gift label at the top read:

It’s great to be wrapping up the year with friends like you.

Who wouldn’t feel loved and cherished to receive a simple gift like that? I sure did. It fulfilled a promise from the start of the new year—a chance to meet new people and develop new friendships.

That’s quite a promise when you’re not in the young, moving around, meeting new people stage of life.

But new friendship came with new associations in my responsibility at church, people moving to our area, volunteering with a new organization, and plans to move to a new place where new friends have already reached out.

Even with this gift of new friendship, nothing replaces—not time or distance—the lasting friendships I’ve cherished and will keep for years.

Since I can’t wrap all of that in 40 square feet of red and white striped gift wrap, you won’t mind if the joys of friendship spill over to brighten your day once in a while, too, will you?

That’s how joy continues to spread. Pass it along to a friend today.

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