Labor Day Blessings

“How’s work?”

This question started nearly every conversation with my family or friends in the past three weeks. Those who ask already know the answer because they know me.  They know my need for order and balance.  They know that I make family time and personal time a priority. They know I value quiet.

“An adjustment,” I say.

Work packs my home time too tight. Office noise shakes my concentration right when I need to work.The dynamics of new relationships bundle themselves around my own learning process. An adjustment, indeed, but three highlights peek through the cracks in my transition from stay-at-home mom to full-time working mom.

The Paycheck I’m the Newspaper in Education Coordinator at our local newspaper. I work with teachers to bring newspapers into their classrooms and encourage their use as a teaching tool with existing curriculum. I also help with customer service in the circulation department. I’m learning the ins and outs of publishing distribution. I know its a changing field, which means that money is tight in this industry, too. The inevitable shift  to digital encourages me to value the  paycheck I receive and motivates me to learn all I can to be viable in the future.

Lunch Hour – I’ve never known the pleasure of a lunch hour. I worried that I would give myself to work from 8-5 and wondered when I would fit in those business day necessities like a doctor’s appointment, a midday rest, a long chat with my husband or a check in with my children. With work only 1.8 miles from home and a true hour-long lunch break, my work seems more like two four-hour jobs tied together with opportune personal time which I thought I’d given away.

A Day of Rest – I live for Sunday, my day of worship, my day of rest. I don’t work on Sunday. I don’t catch up my blog. I don’t catch up my ironing. I give Sunday to God. Six days thou shalt hurry, scurry and worry but on the seventh thou shalt rest from thy labors and love thy family, rest the hands and worship thy God. That’s my commandment to myself; the contrast shone brightly within the first week.

My adjustment hasn’t been my own. Two of our kids made trips to urgent care in a one week. One left with a sprained arm, the other with a fractured wrist. I’d say they’re broken in, but that would be a dumb pun at my daughter’s expense.

Even with the emotional adjustment that goes on with a physical one, mine hasn’t included any guilt over their care. Financial relief, time spent together on my lunch break and our usual Sunday routine promise me that my nurturing is intact and the rest of the adjustment will come in time.

Right after we get over the next change–the start of school.


  1. Camille
    Sep 4, 2010

    Yes, I have been wondering how it all was going and wondered about the two injuries. I’m glad you all seem to be okay, despite the injuries. We’ve been back for a week and a half now and I’ve been busy with 4 bushels of peaches. Been wanting to call, but of course my worry about anyone I call is, “When is the right time?” Love you,talk to you soon!

  2. Michele Sattley
    Sep 6, 2010

    It is nice to see in words what I have been experiencing for 30 years, the art of balancing. I have often seen myself like the clown in the circus trying to keep all of those plates spinning on top of those long skinny rods.. As long as the plates are spinning, they don’t crash into a million pieces. Never mind that the clown runs in wild madness from plate to plate. Now that children are gone and making lives of their own, I use paper plates….

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