Life Is Not According to Schedule

“I’m ahead of schedule, which means this gives me an extra bit of time to do something else.”

Those words could be mine.

Instead, my son just uttered them on his way to do a scouting merit badge, part of his summer schedule filled with goals.

He’s not the only one pushing himself to make things happen.

With piano lessons ended, my youngest situated herself in her art studio while the piano teacher (aka older sister) traded her keys for the ones to the car that will take her to her real job.

Meanwhile, I straddle that transition time between teaching them the steps to productivity and grasping the right opportunities to contribute productively to the workforce myself.

Reentering the full-time workforce after rearing children is a complicated emotional process. We might take two steps in and look around and wonder if this is a place where we really belong, especially in a time of high unemployment. We might even back out a step, thinking no one even saw us enter.

Yet, I watch my husband—who has never left the workforce but runs his own business—navigate days of disappointing lows that are only occasionally interspersed with confidence-building highs.

Real life is not according to our own schedule of expectations. That’s true whether our occupations find us working at home or going to a job. And that is precisely why the skills we’ve modeled—organization, goal-setting, time management—will also need to include practice in perseverance and faith.


  1. David
    Jun 7, 2010

    Yes definitely perseverance and faith to walk into the unknown.


  2. L Jensen
    Jun 11, 2010

    I love to read your blog. You say the things I feel so much better than I do. Thank you for sharing your gift. I often think the same things you write but if I try to write I feel uncomfortable with how long it takes me to find the right words.

    Keep it up for all your reader.

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