Our Last Visit With Grandma

Grandma Hirst remembered every birthday of each of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Her cards would arrive in the mailbox on the exact day. We joked that she made a deal with the post office to calculate the length of time to each city.

May is a my busy card buying month. Amongst the six birthdays to celebrate is Grandma Hirst’s birthday, a week after our daughter’s and two days before my dad’s.

I stamped my dad’s card this morning and passed my blooming lilac bushes on the way to the mailbox. I missed the second card that wasn’t in my hand.

Tomorrow, May 15, on what would have been Grandma’s 95th birthday, we celebrate her life with her funeral.

The last time we visited, we looked into her eyes and saw love, recognition, and kindness. She wanted to talk, and I wanted to listen. Our words couldn’t connect like our hearts did.

Her passing was merciful.

I struggle with the fading of mind and body that age and mortal life bring more than I struggle with death itself. I want the end to fulfill a picture that equals the sum of our lives.

It does; I just can’t see the whole plan unfolding from my vantage point.  I know there is life after death, but in my humanity I sometimes wish to see that great reunion a little clearer.

In this case, I imagine amongst all the happy greeters is someone passing a plate of Grandma’s Lemon Cookies.

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  1. Miriam Lovell Dyer
    May 14, 2010

    We too have been amazed at her timely delivery of birthday cards. That is a legacy in and of itself.

    We made her lemon cookies a few weeks ago just because they are so delicious. Now every time we make them, they will mean and remind us of so much more.

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