Remember the Small Things

I haven’t cleaned my KitchenAid with a toothpick in over five years. I have never cleaned the light switch in our garage or the garage door opener buttons on the wall above it. I haven’t washed our utility sink in at least a year.

These are small things that often go unnoticed because they are not noticeable. Clean or not.

No one’s going to know if I wash my mixer with a wet cloth or if I clean out the cracks with a toothpick. Not many people see our garage and those who do certainly can’t tell the difference. So, do these small things matter?

Two weeks ago, I gave my teenage daughter back-to-school advice. “Remember the small things.” I said, encouraging her to not fall away from the small but good habits she’d developed on summer break.

With her schedule changing, so did mine. And, I’ve kept my promise to make my novel a priority, which means leaving Internet usage until after lunch.

It’s freeing! I’m not beholden to my email or website or social notworks. And with the extra time, I took my own advice and gave some of it to the small things, those things that appeared not to matter.

It must have been a chain reaction. When I washed my hands in our powder room this weekend, the towel that’s been sitting on the edge of the vanity for well over eight months was hung on a newly-repaired towel holder.

So, about those small things. . .we think they don’t matter. Guess what? They do—even if it is only to you.

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