Temporary Relocation

“Do you feel completely removed from your life at home when you travel?” I asked Paul and EH this question at the end of our family vacation last week.

I hadn’t considered the worries of home in days. These concerns fled with the miles—when the mail was being delivered or the sympathy card I still hadn’t sent or the overdue library book I hadn’t finished.

Both my husband and my daughter agreed. So, I proposed the other travel perspective that I have. “Do you go into a new city whenever you travel and imagine where you might live in it?”

“Umm. . . no.”

Ok. I guess I’m alone in that travel mindset.

We barely caught sight of the Black Hills of South Dakota, one of my favorite places to visit, and I began looking for a place I could live. Who wouldn’t want to stare at this landscape?

But the funny thing about this mindset is that it didn’t limit itself to the beautiful places we visited. In every community we stopped, every city we visited, every place we drove through, I searched around until I settled on THE place I would live.

I chose a section of a metropolitan area, a neighborhood in a small town and a house on a certain street and said to myself, “I could live there.”

What does this mean about me? Am I still looking for a community with the perfect fit or pining for a place that seems to offer more than home?

I think not.

Maybe it’s just making myself at home when we’re on the go, because when we arrived home, the real thing felt better than anywhere I had chosen along the way.

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