Those Who Remind Me To Give Thanks

This family is everything to me.

To them, I give thanks.
From them, I’m reminded to give thanks.

When my husband teaches us of gratitude,
or my daughter loves to hug me,
or my son senses the small things so well,
or my daughter writes this insightful poem

For them, I give thanks.


Thanks is a word, most widely forgotten
For some desire not to embarrass themselves to speak it,
Gratitude is a word, many wish not to remember
For they do not feel it,
How sad it is, that many do not realize these two word’s importance.

Be thankful for your brother and sister
They may be of annoyance
But they will learn in time,

Be thankful for your parents
Their words are occasionally strict,
their voices will raise,
But they are only trying to teach you.

Be thankful for the food that you enjoy,
For the old farming family helped you receive it,
The young children who would go and feed the chickens,
The weary mother who would milk the cow and churn the butter,
And the father and son who would plant and harvest the crop,
So you could eat.

Be thankful for your dear home, the place, most will feel a comfort
Be thankful for the workers who diligently labored,
So you could have a roof
Be thankful for the warmth your home gives,
And that you can share it with others.

Be thankful for your mistakes for the tears you shed
Be thankful for your losses and you greatest regrets,
Their consequences will help you understand,
We all have weaknesses and that fact, won’t change,
Unless you truly want it.

Be thankful for the earth’s wonders
They are great and there are many.
Be thankful for the sun, moons, and stars
That light the universe’s path.
These things should never be forgotten.

Be thankful for opportunities
For conversation
For the arguments and agreements we find before us
Without these no one is complete.

How powerful this word’s lasting effect.
Be thankful I plead, beg and ask.
You’ve only got one life so live it with a thankful heart.

by KH


  1. Trent
    Nov 24, 2010

    Thank you both.

  2. Rebecca
    Dec 10, 2010

    What a beautiful poem! Your daughter is so insightful.

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