Up For Debate

A woman called our home phone this evening and asked, “What are your husband’s views on abortion?”

The questions people ask candidates—even city council candidates in the center of Minnesota—are so unpredictable.

“Just a reminder,” I said. “He’s running for city council, and I don’t think that’s going to be one of the issues.”

“I know, but I need to know what kind of morals he has.”

My husband? I stammered, not sure how to explain his caliber of morals and what he believes to a stranger in a couple of phrases.

Fortunately, he did much better with the tough questions at Monday’s debate between three of the five other Brainerd City Council candidates for the At Large Alderman seat.

The Brainerd High School debate team asked the questions that came from the audience and the League of Women Voters. And, yes, that’s EH, an avid debater on the team (pictured at left) on the opposite side of the stage.

For the record, even though Paul introduced our daughter to the audience in his opening statements, she didn’t ask questions for his round. (Our first chance to explain to her about conflict of interest.)

But her fellow teammate did ask what the candidates would do to work with others on the council and reduce the negative tone.

Paul sounded just like himself and not at all like a scripted candidate:

Remember Who You Work For

Don’t Take Issues Personally

Maintain A Sense of Humor

That’s why I may knock on doors for him, but I’ll always let him speak for himself.

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