An Early Morning Reflection

The Mississippi views I pass at the beginning of my day
do not foreshadow the river it becomes.
Yet, the morning moonlight separates the fog
and reflects the possibilities on my day ahead.

Waking Up to A Wordless Wednesday.

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  1. Hootin' Anni
    Sep 17, 2008

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so peaceful and serene. I can hear the silence. I would LOVE to be there.

    Mine’s posted if you’d like to stop by…it’s of one of my “children”….

  2. Ryan
    Sep 17, 2008

    It’s beautiful. I looked at this picture, looked over at my wife, and true to “wordless Wednesday” I didn’t have to say a word for her to know what I was thinking: We want to live in a place like that some day.

  3. Phyllis Dobbs
    Sep 17, 2008

    That’s worth getting up early to view

  4. June
    Sep 17, 2008

    Lovely shot…I feel like I’m there…

  5. Rebecca
    Sep 17, 2008


  6. Minna Dyer
    Sep 17, 2008

    Inspiring image and words.

  7. Lei
    Sep 17, 2008


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