Celebration of Creation

One of our beautiful creations turns nine today. She is a creator, herself, and I remember her birth and enjoy her life with this message from Music and the Spoken Word:

Creativity is one of the great, mysterious hungers we all have as mortal souls, and there are as many ways to express this divine drive as there are people who feel it. Some of the most creative people in the world never pick up a paintbrush, sit down at a piano, or fill a page with words. Yet because of them, the world is filled with scented gardens, warm quilts, and loving relationships. Sometimes the most important thing we create is as simple as a smile.

Many of us have something we’ve always wanted to try to do but never quite got around to it-perhaps because we lacked the confidence, or maybe because we were afraid we would fail. The good news is this: when we set aside our fears and begin to create, we make not only our lives but our world more meaningful and more wonderful.

The Joys of Creation
delivered by Llyod D. Newell

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  1. Lei
    May 4, 2008

    I really, really love that quote. And totally agree.

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