What My Husband Calls S’more Heresy

While I love the toasty taste of marshmallows lightly browned over a campfire, I am not the biggest fan of s’mores. They are tradition more than a temptation and make a mess of already messy campfire cooking. Still, each time we camp, we indulge.

I’ve determined that my biggest qualm is that the chocolate does not melt around the marshmallow, even when I prepare it all ahead. So, this time I decided that I would create a new combination. My husband calls it s’more heresy.

First, prepare the graham crackers. Break a large square in half and spread peanut butter on one side. Lay Hershey chocolate squares on the other side. If you are in a precarious spot, you may wish to lay the Hershey chocolate directly on the peanut butter, to secure it from slipping off the side.

Second, toast the marshmallows to a golden color. Make sure to slowly turn the marshmallows over low coals to heat slowly and provide enough melting power.

Third, assemble the marshmallows in the middle. You can choose the goo of two or just one for a cleaner eat. But plop the desired number directly in the middle and pull off.

Fourth, press the s’more togther for a minute. This ensures that the chocolate, marshmallows peanut butter will melt and the flavors meld.

Finally, enjoy with a snack of napkins nearby. Eat slowly without thinking of trying to make another. Your appetite for s’mores will have been satisfied for the night and the whole year.

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  1. Alison
    Aug 29, 2008

    I agree with Paul. Peanut butter has no business being in a s’more. What’s wrong with you?! (Plus, Zac’s allergic to peanuts.)
    How about this suggestion… heat up the marshmallow, put it between the graham crackers without chocolate in there already, then open the graham crackers up and put the chocolate between the gooey melted marshmallow, which would be stuck to both sides.
    Aren’t I clever?

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