Belief Becomes Knowledge

Fruit of The Spirit

You may have seen this photograph. I posted it last summer under the headline, “What Are You Harvesting?”

The implication was that I wanted to harvest more than the fruits of my garden outside; I wanted to harvest the fruit of the Spirit.

That was my same desire when I hung this scripture from Galatians with a wreath of fruit on my kitchen wall. I believed it. I’d felt all of these attributes and knew the Spirit brought them to me.

But the time between belief and knowledge often brings a drop from just feeling with our emotions to actually having experiences that require us to practice with our actions.

Now, I keep that scripture there because it is not just on my wall; it’s in my heart. I know we have received from that harvest.

Even though the growing season is over outside for this year, the Lord has sown an abundance of blessings in my heart that I now reap. With this fruit of the Spirit, I’ve experienced an increase of success in both my relationships and my writing goals, which are often intertwined.

The joy I feel tells me that this belief has become knowledge. And that’s just what I need to prepare me for a “sweet” opportunity I have this weekend.

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  1. L Jensen
    Oct 26, 2009

    I admire your faith. To read what you have written, knowing what you have been going through, shows the great trust and faith you have in the Lord. I pray his blessings will pour down on you and your family in response to that faith.


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