Flecks of Gold

Have you seen the story in Mormon Messages about flecks of gold?

The wise older man advises the younger gold seeker, “It seems to me you are so busy looking for large nuggets that you’re missing filling your pouch with these precious flecks of gold. The patient accumulation of these little flecks has brought me great wealth.”

Don’t we all undertake a search in this life, not unlike this young man’s? Ours may not be a search for gold, although it could be any form of material wealth or comfort.

Whatever form our search takes, though, we’re often looking for joy and happiness to counter the  stress of everyday life and those bigger challenges we face.

I’m learning, as I taught yesterday in a talk at church, that the place we might expect to find joy is not in the great and the grand, but in humble service motivated by love.

That love motivates our simple, compassionate acts of service and becomes an accumulation of gold flecks counted out into overflowing blessing for those we serve and moments of joy for ourselves.

Jesus Christ taught this paradox,

“Whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant:”  Matthew 20:27

Service that springs from our hearts is the kind that brings joy. That service may be as simple as biting the tongue in our family or as formalized as volunteering in the community.

These moments will probably only resemble flecks of gold when they occur. But, the joy of giving time after time, grows in size and depth within its simplicity, so much that we will wonder at the accumulation of these flecks.


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