For This Easter and Real Life Days

My holy week has not been one of quiet contemplation or Hallelujah worship. But, hands-on moments with my teenagers on spring break have still prepared me for Easter.

We’ve played, yelled, laughed, talked, disagreed, worked, relaxed, fought, and hugged.

In this life we run into each other’s expectations with our own emotions attached. That gives us daily chances to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ—faith, repentance, patience, forgiveness, humility, justice and mercy, and, best of all, love.

We grasp for those attributes inside ourselves, but if you are like me, another negative emotion triggers something less than ideal. How glad I am to know that through the His atonement and resurrection, I can overcome sin, injustice, distress, even death.

I didn’t sleep in on Friday morning with my kids like I did all week. That gave me some uninterrupted time to study, ponder and discover this Easter message, He is Risen, from Henry B. Eyring. He suggested a tradition that I’ll start this Easter.

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Best of all, it’s not one that I have to keep in a box labeled Easter and only pull out with the plastic grass. I love that the Savior’s mission is for our peace-filled moments and the real life ones, too. And, I’m sure we’ll have some of both this Easter day.


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