Personal Messages from Heaven


When a faithful LDS friend and I recently discussed a complex relationship issue, she said she believes that the Church does not solve every problem.

Her comment took me aback. Really? Even with the challenges we’ve endured as a family, I still want to believe that we can solve all problems. I want to believe the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ provides this.

But she’s right. We can do all that is good and righteous. We can follow teachings from the scriptures and counsel from a living prophet and trust and rely upon our Savior and His teachings. But, we still live in a mortal world. And for that reason, we will all have problems that bring suffering or may not be solved or taken away.

Contrary to what you might think, this was not a disheartening conversation or one lacking in faith on either side. Why?

“Yes, but the ordinances of gospel give us access to the Spirit to find the answers we need,” I answered.

I know something of challenges. However,  I do not believe our Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ leaves us alone in our challenges. I have felt peace, reassurance and comfort even in dark or hard times.

And through the spirit of revelation we can receive personalized messages of hope, encouragement, faith and instruction. These may not take away the trial but in this way we can find our answers.

This weekend, in four general sessions on Saturday and Sunday, we get to hear from a living prophet, apostles and inspired leaders in a General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each will deliver messages that can answer our personal questions.

Certainly, we will receive messages from heaven. And I can’t wait.

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