Symbols of God’s Goodness

Outward Symbol of Gods Goodness

Have you read the article, Maintaining An Eternal Perspective by Dale G. Renlund? If you haven’t read Twelve Stones to Remember Him, then read this short article. It’s my book in a nutshell.

“When our day-to-day challenges loom before us, it is natural to focus on the here and now. But when we do, we may make poor choices, become depressed, or experience hopelessness.”


“Surprisingly, losing the eternal perspective is a risk whether we face trials or prosperity. In the Old Testament, Moses warned the Israelites that once they found themselves blessed beyond measure in the promised land, they must “beware lest thou forget the Lord” (Deuteronomy 6:12).


And, of course, we know how the children of Israel tended to forget. We never do that, do we?

So, what’s the solution? Elder Renlund shares the same answer I’ve found. He tells the story of the memorial of twelve stones, in which Joshua commands the people to gather twelve stones:

“to commemorate the miracle that allowed Israel to pass through the river Jordan without getting wet.”

Ok, I can’t say that I’ve crossed over my trials without getting wet. I’m soaked on most hard days. Yet, in the same way as the Israelites, I’ve learned to gather my own stones for a memorial even while I’m still on my journey. Why? To know God is with me, that He recognizes my challenge, and to remember that even when the trial isn’t taken away, He does help.

“Anciently, prophets used tangible objects to serve as reminders of God’s goodness to help the people maintain a long-term perspective.”


“Ebenezer, the stone of help, the outward symbol of God’s goodness, helped Israel remember the greatness of God.”


“What is our Ebenezer? What tangible objects help us maintain an eternal perspective?”


Do you gather stones of your own? You probably are building memorials of faith even if you don’t call them that. Are there physical objects or symbols that remind you of God and His help? A plant? A photograph? An inexpensive gift?

I have a paper tent card for my table with this question by Pres. Eyring? “Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our family today?” In an interview on the Good Word Podcast, Nick Galeti mentioned a wedding ring as another.

Physical symbols like physical memorials trigger us to remember. But we also build inward symbols of God’s goodness.

Do you keep a gratitude journal? Do you discover what you learned from a trial? Do you share family stories of how God helped you? Do you pass down to your children values you gained from hard times?

All these, too, testify “of the hand of the Lord, that it is mighty.” (Joshua 4:24)

What are your symbols of God’s goodness? What are your personal memorials?





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