The Joy of Life

Candy wrappers and peanut shells adorn the living room floor. Empty boxes top the sofa. A puzzle rests on the ottoman. The quiet or loud play of my teenage children overshadows the Christmas carols.

The idyllic scene we set for Christmas  exploded into reality today, and I wouldn’t ask for anything else.

I love the relaxed nature of Christmas Day at our house. I don’t prepare food other than to fry a little bacon and heat up the cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We stay in pajamas until noon. We play with our gadgets and toys. We nap and watch silly movies and call extended family.

The joy of life comes in these moments. As I once said at a parting with a friend, “These are the moments that make a life.”

Today, I complete my Twelve Moments of Joy by recognizing the joy in the every day moments that are present for you and for me.

I haven’t always seen them. I’ve pined for something more elaborate or something to come. Ironically, when these basic moments are in jeopardy of disappearing, the longing is replaced with gratitude and joy for what we have.

Today, I celebrate Him who helps me to see with a more grateful heart the joy of life, Jesus Christ. His birth, life, atonement, death and resurrection, make possible a wonderful plan of salvation given us by a Heavenly Father.

All these moments, through His love, bring meaning and joy to my life. I hope you find abundant joy in Christ this Christmas and in the year to come.

Enjoy this touching video of his birth: Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus Christ.

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  1. David
    Dec 26, 2012

    I have so enjoyed the “12 Moments of Joy”. They have brought to me the reality of today’s life along with the True Spirit of Christmas. Thanks for sharing

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