Things Made Right


These beautiful flowers arrived on my doorstep to replace the ones my husband sent for Valentine’s Day. He had been in New York and wanted to express his love, even though he couldn’t be with me. Unfortunately, that first set of flowers arrived from the florist frozen.

Despite the damaged flowers, his thoughtfulness more than counted. I held onto his loving action as I enjoyed the few that opened, especially the soft peach colored one that pushed its petals up and out.  That focus made up for the ones with crispy leaves or mildew on the petals.

A few days later, the florist delivered this beautiful bouquet of new red ones after he politely followed up about the flower’s condition.That’s the way to right a wrong and keep a customer!

What a great customer service experience to make up for last week’s bad one.

Besides two sets of fragrant flowers (the frozen ones may have not opened but they smelled divine!), I received two other takeaways:

1. When something doesn’t go as planned, focus on the people involved as people and their intention and desire, even if it doesn’t match the outcome you or they expect.

2. And “All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.” That even includes our feelings of stress or dissatisfaction. He can help to take those away.

When have you seen a company or individual who has gone out of the way to make a mistake or wrong into a good experience?

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